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Bossa Nova Carnival

Dave Pike plays the music of João Donato with Clark Terry and Kenny Burrell

Bossa Nova Carnival

Ano: 1962
Selo: Polydor


Lado A
1. Samba lero (João Donato)
2. Sono (João Donato)
3. Serenidade (João Donato)
4. Carnival Samba (João Donato)

Lado B
5. Philumba (João Donato e Madrid)
6. Melvalita (João Donato)
7. Ginha (João Donato)
8. Salsalito (João Donato)


Notas por Juliet Lorca
Produzido por Elliot F. Mazer
Engenheiro: Ralph Scull
Masterizado por: Van Gelder
Gravado em: 6 e 7 de setembro de 1962, em New York.
Dave Pike, vibraphone/marimba B1, B2
Clark Terry, flugelhorn A2, A4, B1, B3
Kenny Burrell, guitar
José Paulo, cabaça, banderol
Chris With, bass
Rudy Collins, drums
João Donato, composer

O que foi escrito sobre: Dave Pike Bossa Nova Carnival

Billboard Music Week - november 24, 1962
Reviews of New Albums

Bossa Nova Carnival
Dave Pike, New Jazz NJ 8281

Delightful package of bossa material here. Credit goes not only to Pike, who does a fine job on vibes and marimba, but also to guitarist Kenny Burrell and composer João Donato. The album is in a similar groove to most of the bossa nova sets released to date with the exception that all the tunes have been written by Donato, who is a native of Rio de Janeiro. Solo credits also go to Clark Terry; whose flugelhorn interludes are highly rewarding. "Samba Lero", "Serenidade" and "Philumba" are some of the outstanding tracks.
Review by Alex Henderson
One of Dave Pike's finest accomplishments came in September 1962, when the vibist/marimba player recorded the Brazilian-oriented Bossa Nova Carnival for Prestige's New Jazz label. Thanks to the innovations of Stan Getz and João Gilberto, bossa nova was huge at the time and many musicians were jumping on the bossa bandwagon in the hope of making a quick buck. But for Pike, Bossa Nova Carnival wasn't an exercise in knee-jerk, insincere bandwagon jumping. Pike wanted to make a meaningful, individualistic contribution to Brazilian jazz. So instead of doing exactly what Getz, Gilberto, and Charlie Byrd were doing and performing a lot of Jobim songs, he enlisted Brazilian composer João Donato. Everything on this excellent vinyl LP was written by Donato, who provides sensuous, caressing melodies that Pike and his sidemen (who include Kenny Burrell on guitar and Clark Terry on flügelhorn) bring a lot of warmth and sensitivity to. The music swings, but it does so in a subtle, mellow, consistently melodic fashion. Undeniably one of Pike's most essential albums, Bossa Nova Carnival had been out of print for many years when, in 2000, Fantasy reissued it on Carnavals, a CD that also contains his Limbo Carnival session of December 1962.

Instituto João Donato
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